There is no such thing as work-life balance.

That’s only a buzzword overused to describe “what is wrong with me?”. Poor work organisation? Organisational conflicts? Lack of communication? Stress? Yep – we have a work-life balance problem…It is impossible to divide a 24 hours into equal parts of 8 hours of working, 8 hours of resting and 8 hours of sleeping. There is no such thing as management psychology. No psychology works 9 to 5. No other psychology works after 5.
We are a team of experienced psychologists specialising in coaching, training design and delivery, career guidance and organisational processes. An important aspect of our activities is scientific research and creating new, innovative methods and tools: diagnostic tools, methods that activate and improve personal effectiveness, tools for managing teams and operating in multicultural environments.

Latest International Project: Burnout Solutions

With the support of the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union

Do you find yourself under constant, prolonged pressure? Are you feeling disillusioned, helpless, and physically exhausted? You may be suffering from the burnout syndrome. When you’re burnt out, your work and potentially also your personal life can seem bleak and pointless, and it’s difficult to think that the problems you’re experiencing can be overcome. If you don’t seek help and change your situation, burnout can threaten your job, personal life as well as psychological and physical health. Burnout can be prevented. It can be treated. By accessing the resources available through this website, you can find out about what you can do for yourself now, and what further support you may need.

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What we do


We help make change happen, provide support when it happens, and help it last. In our relationships with clients we aim for the most…

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We supervise coaches, mentors and managers. We also undergo our own supervision, to look after our own toolkit, as well as well-being.

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Mentoring can be seen as one of the key elements of the change facilitation process, as it is so central to supporting people’s…

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Career Coaching

We are a team of experienced recruiters across different sectors, with expertise in designing selection tools, as well as organising…

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Our team has been successfully operating in multicultural environments for a number of years. We specialise in development…

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We are a team of experts and management practitioners. We consult and support organisations and individuals, and our…

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